Our restaurant is a gourmet place full of atmosphere. In a romantic courtyard behind a traditional Croatian Stonehouse in the old town of Split, just behind the Theatre, we have a beautiful terrace with citrus trees and show kitchen, where we offer also cooking classes. Chef Ćiro Sabljić serves fresh fish, seafood and other specialities in a traditional croatian way as well as new interpretations. Together with his team he cooks plain, natural and simple but high in quality – prepared in front of our guests’ eyes. His pots and pans serve seasonal and balanced dishes refined with fragrant herbs – hand-picked from our garden. We have up to seven dishes every day to choose from – fresh, balanced, organic, regional.

We love good food! So we serve good food …

Croatia has a lot of high quality products as olive oil, cheese, ham and has a variety of vegetables, fruits, fresh fish and seafood. Traditional Croatian and Dalmatian kitchen is very rich, healthy, versatile and offers much more than ćevapcići. Our menu is inspired from old Croatian recipes, travelling around the globe and our love to fresh ingredients, spices and herbs.

The main emphasis is on mediterranean cuisine with fresh fish and seafood, olive oil, vegetables and some specialties like ham (prsut) and cheese (sir) complimented by a wide selection of fresh and tasty drinks and local wines to satisfy all of your cravings. But we have also a good variety of products for vegetarians and vegans, variations of glutenfree products as well as options for customers with lactose intolerance.

We pride ourselves in having organic fruit gardens and use vegetables in season from our own plots in Sabljići, small village about 80 km from Spit. We also purchase products from authentic local producers and farmers for example ham, cheese, wine and olive oil. All our producers are as passionate as we are about the Croatian cuisine and making superb local products which you will get a chance to taste. We offer every day a new menu, depends on what we get fresh from the farmers or the market.

The whole Cucina Mare team is committed to making sure that your stay with us is unforgettable!

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