About us

Who is Cucina Mare?

Two Croatian brothers Ćiro & Petar founded Cucina Mare, a cooking school that offers a restaurant for dining, cooking classes and catering in Split. Their mission is to teach people from all over the world about the history of Croatian cuisine, introduce them to the famous specialties of different regions and give them a taste of real Croatian food. The brothers both chose a career in the hospitality industry. Petar, the younger of the two, trained as a restaurant specialist in one of the most renowned restaurants in Germany. After completing his training, he worked as a head waiter in various hotels and restaurants, and for last three years on the MS Europa cruiser ship. Ćiro, the older brother decided to train for a chef at a very young age. His love for cooking was sparked as a child, when his grandmother used to teach him how to cook. After three years of professional training in a 5 star Hotel in Germany, he went on to have a 25 years career in the industry, including 20 years as a chef in renowned hotels and restaurants across Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

Ćiro recently had great success with his restaurant and cooking school „Culatello“ in Darmstadt. For many years it was on 1st place on Trip Advisor as the best restaurant in town. But he decided to go back to his home country. So he sold everything he had and found the perfect stone house in the old town of Split and started the renovation immediately. They opened it in the Summer 2018 and from the first day Cucina Mare was a successful story.

Ćiro also runs a Restaurant and Café Ciri Biri Bela searving healthy and delicious food for breakfast lunch and dinner. In the same house there is a small concept shop where you can buy various local products an souvenirs – all of course made in Croatia!