We do also catering and live cooking in private houses and on boats.

Or book our location for private dinner or special Events with live cooking and tasting.

Privat Services

Cucina Mare Catering is at your complete disposal for weddings, communions, baptisms, private parties, finger food buffets, home chef visits, cooking events and boat catering.

You will be guided from the moment of your first contact, because each event has its own design, style and most importantly, location. Our staff will identify and develop along with you every single detail of the event, accompanying you in the visit of locations and advising you in the choice that best suits your needs for an entirely customized event.

We work with all locations from traditional villas and modern homes to boats. Many years of experience and our chef’s passion allow us to offer our customers traditional Croatian dishes, flavors and innovative compositions.

Business Services

Cucina Mare is perfectly structured to arrange all type of corporate events, from dinners to company parties, gala dinners, cooking events, buffets and business luncheons, whose excellent outcome is guaranteed.

Attention is paid to every single detail for each event that we follow to create the most important and difficult thing to achieve: the right atmosphere.

We offer foods selected and prepared by our renowned and titled Chef Ciro, with top quality products, the majority is from our own farm and local markets.